Shipping firms, operators extend free demurrage period


The extension of free demurrage period from five to ten days and again to eight days by shipping companies and terminal operators to ease the Apapa gridlock has been commended by the transporters.

The extension is sequel to efforts by the Presidential Task Force at curbing Apapa ports gridlock the shipping companies and terminal operators on Friday agreed to shift grounds on duration of demurrage charging days.

“The sacrifice of the shipping companies and the terminal operators is noble every stakeholder must trade off something for the sector to be revamped.

“Everybody is suffering the mess for months now and the whole thing is affecting the entire maritime economy with its attendant negative impact on the nation’s economy.

“Since the crisis started several measures has been put up to tackle the menace with no respite yet but i think this particular one will go a long way to addressing the gridlock to a large extention, ” Inuwa said.

Abdullahi Inuwa, Lagos State Vice President National Association Road Transport Onwers NARTO Dry Cargo Sector spoke in Lagos on Monday.

He added that ” With the extension of grace period by the operators that the rat race by both transporters and freight forwarders to rush to return empty containers back to ports will reduce.

According to him it is this aspect of the transaction that brings about trucks rushing to the ports at once to escape being sur-charged.

“This is the reason for the traffic disorder that has been the lot of Apapa ports area for long now.

He commended the Presidential team and the NPA for a step in the right direction.