Nigeria records $248m fertiliser import despite boost in local production

Nigeria is reported to have imported $248 million worth of fertilisers in 2020 despite efforts to boost local production.

The import increased by $37.71 million in 2019 to $247.91 million last year, representing an increase of 84.4 per cent.

Data by the International Trade Statistics (ITS) on imports showed breakdown of imports, according to country of origination to include Morocco, $128 million; Russia, $83.37 million;  China, $17.15 million and  Germany, which exported $11 million.

The Nigerian Ports Authority‚Äôs (NPA)  shipping position show three vessels offloaded 64,255 metric tonnes of fertiliser at the Lagos Port Complex.

The bulk of fertiliser was offloaded by at Apapa Bulk Terminal Limited (ABTL) and ENL Consortium terminal at Lagos Port Complex by three vessels.

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