NBS starts process of implementing business census

By Tanko Mohammed

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has commenced the process of implementing the 2020 National Business Sample Census (NBSC) in Nigeria.

The Survey which is coming after a similar one conducted twenty-two years (1997/98) ago is apt, especially now that the current government is re-structuring the economy for faster growth through support to Small, medium and large scale enterprises in order to increase their productivity.

The main objectives of NBSC is to compile frame, develop instruments and concepts, establish standards and methodology for industrial and business surveys in Nigeria

It would serve as benchmark for updates of subsequent commercial and industrial sector Statistics and to develop a national directory of commercial and industrial business establishments with all their associated social and economic characteristics.

The census would provide the country with comprehensive and detailed information about the structure of the Nigerian economy

The Census will cover all the 36 states of the Federation and FCT, with establishments in all economic sectors involved in the exercise. For avoidance of doubt.

The establishments to be covered should have fixed structure and location, a separate shop with a different entrance and enclosed from dwelling place (in the case of residential areas), shops should have locks and keys for a market setting, while Kiosks and shops under umbrella are not to be listed during the census.

“All commercial and industrial businesses in each LGA will be identified and listed by state, name, location address, postal address, phone number, email address, year of commencement, number of activities engaged in, main type of activity, among others.

“NBS enumerators with customized T-Shirts and Face Caps will visit your establishment at a date between October 12th and 12th December 2020 to collect necessary information for the census.’’