Customers decry poor network, inability of ATMs to dispense cash

Customers of various banks in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have frowned at poor network experienced in their financial electronic transactions as the country mark its 62nd Independence Anniversary.

Some of them in Abuja on Saturday, said the development did not portray the spirit of celebration in the country.

Mrs Ekaitte Ibim, a civil servant, said that epileptic network in banks negated financial inclusion initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Ibim said the situation was frustrating and discouraging, adding that most banks’ Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) were also unable to dispense cash

”I came to the market here in Nyanya to buy food stuff for my family but I have gone round three bank ATMs but all of them were temporary unable to dispense cash.

”This is frustrating because I want to withdraw huge amount of money to enable me do my family shopping for the month now that salaries have been paid.

”I have been going round and round looking for ATM that dispenses cash and I don’t have enough time.

”The only one i saw, the crowd there was so discouraging.

”If today is like this, you can imagine what on Monday will be like,” she said.

Mr Ugochukwu Chijindu, another bank customer and a business man urged banks to ensure the effective functioning of their ATMs.

”This is very annoying, I have been standing on this ATM queue for some hours now.

”We are celebrating 62 years of the country and banks are making us suffer with our own money.

”I want to withdraw some money to take my children who have been disturbing me out in the evening.

”At least, to give them a little treat that I can afford.

”I also left my business for someone to be here thinking that I will finish immediately.

”Some machines are working while some are not. Banks should find a lasting solution to all these,” he said.

Mr Edward Obande, a bank customer in Kubwa said the situation was terrible in the area.

Obande said he also visited a Point of Sale (PoS) operator only to discover that the man did not also have enough money to dispense to him.

”Even the PoS man told me he didn’t have enough cash to give me because he could not withdraw from the bank.

”Things like this usually happen during the weekend and holidays,” he said.

Mr Fidelis Nnanna, a PoS operator in Nyanya axis, alleged that banks’ network were usually epileptic during month end.

”From my experience in this business, I have noticed that bank’s network for electronic transactions are usually poor during the end or beginning of the month.

”So many people are accessing the network because salaries have been paid. It will soon normalise,” Nnanna said.

A bank staff in one of the new generation banks who preferred anonymity said there was nothing to worry about as the situation was under control.

According to the staff, we have people who come to load money in the ATMs even during weekends and holidays.

”I do not think they will fail in their duties,” the staff said.