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This blog focuses on the activities and happenings
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stakeholders about the scheme in the continent.
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Chris Ndibe at Tanger Med Free Zone, Morocco

For the purpose of enlightenment, Free Zone is
defined as a strategy for economic development usually characterized by a
special regulatory and incentive regime, often in an enclave clearly delineated
and administratively thought of as being outside a nation’s Customs and trade
regime to attract both local and foreign investment. The special regulatory and
fiscal regimes allows for freedom of operation at competitive costs.

The concept of Free Trade Zone is very powerful,
that is why more and more countries are recognizing the new paradigm of Free
Trade Zones. While the old Free Trade Zone was often described as a static,
labour- intensive, incentive driven, and an exploitative enclave. The new zone
paradigm is more dynamic, investment-intensive, and an integrated economic
This blog therefore will enable you understand the
concept and better manage free zone in your country.
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