Nigeria’s visa on arrival peaks


The visa on arrival policy of Nigeria for African countries has taken off with the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Mr Muhammad Babandede, calling on genuine investors to take advantage of the policy meant to improve Migration.

Babandede disclosed on Thursday in Abuja said that the policy would also improve transparency, security and advance the course of tourism development, which will cause a corresponding rise in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

“According to the 2019 Visa Openness Report for Africa, Visa policies are among the most important governmental formalities influencing international tourism and other business concerns,” he said.

He said that Visa, as a document, remains one of the tools deployed by countries to control regular migration, as well as check irregular migration.

He noted that there were both economic and political gains of Visa-on-Arrival on genuine investors coming to the country to invest.

According to him, benefit of the Visa-on-Arrival policy, is the fact that the entry of many Africans into the country, many of whom are expected to be investors – will advance the Federal Government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), integration and unified Africans.

With the implementation, Babandede said Nigeria has joined  Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and a few other African nations that offer the incentive to all Africans wishing to visit.