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Free Trade Zones

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West Africa SA Free zones
Enclosure of the flying club, Hedzranawoe, BP 10019, Lome - Togo, Hedzranawoe
Afric Industry Free zones
Free Zone, Port area Ramatou Carrefour, Katanga, BP 14555, Lome - Togo , Katanga
AfrimetaL Sarl Free zones
Ramatou Street, opposite Coco Beach, Port Industrial Zone No. 2, Lome - Togo, Lome
Transport SA Aero-CA Free zones
Gnassingbe Eyadema International Airport, PO Box 10112, Lome - Togo , Lome
RODIS Free Port
Port Zone, 03 BP 31118 Lome - Togo, Lome
Free Port of Lome
PO Box 1225, Lome Togo, Lome
Togo Export Processing Zone Authority - SAZOF
Boîte Postale 3250, Immeuble Sotonam, Rond-Point Port, Lome, Togo., Lome
Togo Free Zone Authority
P.O. Box 3250, Lome Togo, Lome
Zanzibar Free Port Authority
Zanzibar Freeport Authority (ZFPA) P.O. Box 187, Zanzibar, Zanzibar
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