China willing to patronize U.S products

A seamstress at the Beijing Red Flag factory in Beijing sews together the red and white stripes of an American Flag June 25. The flags [made by the factory are to be placed in Tiananmen Square to symbolize the presence of American President Bill Clinton in the capital. Clinton is scheduled to arrive in the ancient Chinese capital city of Xian today to start off a nine day official state visit including tours of Beijing, Shanghai and the southern city of Guilin. ] - PBEAHUMDPDF

China’s top diplomat has said that China was willing to buy more U.S. products and said trade talks would yield results if both sides “take more enthusiastic measures” to show goodwill and reduce “pessimistic language” in the trade dispute.

Wang Yi, China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister, said in response to questions from Reuters that the Trump administration had shown goodwill by waiving tariffs on many Chinese products.

“So, on the Chinese side, we are willing to buy more products that are needed by the Chinese market,’’ Yi said on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

“We hope both sides can take more enthusiastic measures, reduce pessimistic language and actions.

“If everyone does this, talks will not only resume but will proceed and yield results.’’