Israeli gold mining firm in controversy with UK company


The Court of Appeal in Kenya has said the High Court had no jurisdiction to hear a suit it filed against a UK logistics firm by an Israeli-owned company with goldmining interests in South Sudan.

The Court of Appeal upheld a preliminary objection to the suit by Misnak International (UK) Ltd contracted by 4MB Mining, the Israeli firm, to source, purchase and transport large consignments of mining materials to South Sudan saying the High Court had not assumed jurisdiction over it.

The South Sudan government awarded 4MB Mining a contract to undertake mining activities in Juba and Luri areas.

According to the appellate court, the manner in which jurisdiction is assumed is that those who file a case have to seek leave of the court to serve summons to the sued party outside the court’s jurisdiction to notify them of the existence of the suit.

Appellate judges Daniel Musinga, Gatembu Kairu and Agnes Murgor said that it is upon service of the summons that a court assumes jurisdiction over a foreign defendant.

“The judge (of the High Court) never addressed her mind to the prayer for leave to serve the summons upon Misnak International outside the court’s jurisdiction,” said the judges.

According to the contract between 4MB Mining Ltd and Misnak International the consignments were to be transported from Thailand through the port of Mombasa and arrive at the agreed destination before March 1, 2018.